About Us - F.Flam Construction & Maintenance LTD.

Our Rules of Work & Our Awesome Services



We follow all the Safety instructions in the industry


We have well trained workers, to fulfill all your house work demands


We create long-term value by taking into consideration how our company operates in the ecological, social and economic environment, helping our customers get the maximum benefit while at the same time ensuring good practices for respecting the abovementioned environments

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We complete the work and after you can pay us

Best Quality

We focus on delivering quality construction works on time and on budget


We have outstanding business integrity, which means that our intentions are perfectly aligned with our actions and we ensure that our interactions with customers, employees and suppliers are aligned with our stated aims and purpose

Our Services


House, Apartment, Villa Construction

We take care of any concrete construction work either completing a house building from Start to Finish, or additions and any Renovations you want. We can build your wooden balcony pergolas or any insulation of the roof, and also aluminum windows/doors and constructions.

Property Painting

We do the painting of the inner or outside area of your property or the fences, or wood painting like pergolas, garage, or storeroom.

Paving, Stone & Ceramics

In addition to the construction works we take, we also take up stone wall works, paving and application of house floor ceramics.

Cleaning Services

We can provide cleaning services like the floor, windows, rugs, mirrors, furniture, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedroom, and storage rooms.

Property Maintenance

Along with cleaning, we can help in your property maintenance even when you are abroad, like mailbox checkup, plumbing repairs, light bulbs check, air/conditioner check, watering plans, grass watering/cutting, pool maintenance, etc.

Gardening & Landscaping

We can help with cleaning of the outside of the property area, like the garden, garage, grass cutting, watering plants and grass, pruning/repair fences and the pool.

Pool Maintenance

We can take up your swimming pool for a full or partial maintenance whether you are abroad or not. We can clean, vacuum pool, add chemicals needed, etc.

Housekeeping Services

We also can take care all of your housekeeping work if you need to, like cleaning the outside garden and garage, the pool, the inner of your property like the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, floor, rugs, fireplace, central heating or air/Conditioning keeping.

Property Renovation

We can renovate, any room in your property and do the hard works like painting, plumbing repair, furniture replacements, house electrical work.

Our Testimonials

Since 2014, we have started Work in Cyprus - here are some of our satisfied customers...